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How will you look after hair transplantation surgery? The proof is in the picture. View our before and after results for both men and women.

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This patient is in her sixties and was concerned with her thinning in and behind her hair line. Her goal was to add density, and create a better appearance for her hair line. Dr. Friedman placed a total of 2,010 grafts. Of those, 637 grafts were single hairs, places in the hair line. The other 1,373 grafts were placed in the frontal region and mid- scalp.  She is 8 months post-op and couldn’t be more thrilled with her results. She is also using Low Level Light Therapy to prevent future loss and help stabilize her hair.

30 year-old female, 1 hair transplant, 1,725 hair grafts to lower the frontal hairline.

58 year-old female, 2 hair transplants, 4,290 hair grafts total.

70 year old white female showing results of one hair transplant with 2,847 hair grafts, and low level light therapy to prevent future hair loss.

57 year-old white female showing results of one hair transplant with 2,456 hair grafts and laser cap to prevent hair loss.

61 year-old female, 1 hair transplant, 1,700 hair grafts, and use of laser cap to prevent hair loss.

65 year-old female patient, 1 hair transplant, 1,900 hair grafts.


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"I've been coming now for 6 months, twice a week, three times if possible, and using the brush at home on off days. The results have been amazing. Even my boyfriend has commented on how much fuller my hair looks. My hair loss is very extreme for a woman. I've resorted to wearing wigs. I am ready to get a cute hair cut and leave the wigs in the closet!!! I am so excited about this treatment that I talk to everyone about it!! Thank you, Dr. Friedman! This treatment has had results beyond my expectations. The staff has been extremely helpful and compassionate. This has been an extremely pleasant experience. I can't even think of anything else that anyone could have done to make this any more enjoyable."
Lee S.