Hair Loss Help for Women

We understand how devastating it can be. Dr. Friedman can find the cause of your thinning hair and repair the damage.

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Hair Loss in Women

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Contrary to popular belief, female hair loss is relatively common. Some 30 percent of women will experience at least some degree of thinning. But female hair loss is not always like male patterned baldness.

For one thing, it can look very different. While men tend to get bald spots, often beginning with a receding hairline, women might have neither. Instead, they might experience thinning all over. Female hair loss is typically mild and gradual although it may be accelerated by hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause. Although women generally find it easier to conceal hair loss with hair styling techniques, they often suffer more than their male counterparts from the psychological impact of the condition and the societal belief that thinning hair is normal for men but unheard of for women.

Diffuse hair loss presents a different challenge than male pattern baldness. As we will explore in What Causes Female Hair Loss? and Female Hair Restoration Techniques, the problems and solutions are not the same for both genders. Female hair restoration requires careful diagnosis of the underlying problem as well as the selection of appropriate and effective therapies.

The good news is that Dr. Friedman can help you determine the cause of your thinning hair and offer real solutions. Imagine not having to disguise your thinning hair with careful combing, styling products, or even hats and wigs! Call the Scottsdale Institute today to schedule your consultation.

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"I've been coming now for 6 months, twice a week, three times if possible, and using the brush at home on off days. The results have been amazing. Even my boyfriend has commented on how much fuller my hair looks. My hair loss is very extreme for a woman. I've resorted to wearing wigs. I am ready to get a cute hair cut and leave the wigs in the closet!!! I am so excited about this treatment that I talk to everyone about it!! Thank you, Dr. Friedman! This treatment has had results beyond my expectations. The staff has been extremely helpful and compassionate. This has been an extremely pleasant experience. I can't even think of anything else that anyone could have done to make this any more enjoyable."
Lee S.