Hair Loss Help for Women

We understand how devastating it can be. Dr. Friedman can find the cause of your thinning hair and repair the damage.

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Hair Restoration Options for Women

At the Scottsdale Institute, Dr. Friedman uses the following therapies to help restore fullness and volume to women who suffer from hair loss:

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT): Laser energy has been found to stimulate hair growth on the scalp to improve hair quality, stop the progression of hair loss, and even promote new hair growth. The Sunetics Clinical Laser Unit has perfected this low-level laser energy technology, making hair restoration simple and convenient by allowing its users to sit and relax beneath the device while they receive LLLT. The Sunetics Clinical Laser Unit has been shown to produce more dramatic results over shorter periods of time than other low-energy laser devices. LLLT may be useful for treating diffuse hair loss, the kind of hair loss most common to women. Read more about Laser Hair Therapy here »

Hair Transplantation Surgery: New surgical techniques make it possible to restore hair to thinning areas. When performed on a good candidate (typically someone with specific areas of hair loss rather than very diffuse thinning), the results are completely natural looking with no visible scars. No one, not even your stylist, will know. See [link on hair transplant surgery video here] for more information.

If you are considering surgery, it is particularly important to have a physician diagnose the cause of your hair loss. Surgical hair restoration is only possible when there is an adequate supply of healthy, viable donor hairs. It is also imperative that you choose a surgeon who, like Dr. Friedman, has extensive experience with female hair restoration techniques. The surgical skills used to restore a woman’s head of hair are not the same as those used to restore male pattern baldness. Optimal results depend on a mastery of these specialized surgical skills.

Patient Financing

"I've been coming now for 6 months, twice a week, three times if possible, and using the brush at home on off days. The results have been amazing. Even my boyfriend has commented on how much fuller my hair looks. My hair loss is very extreme for a woman. I've resorted to wearing wigs. I am ready to get a cute hair cut and leave the wigs in the closet!!! I am so excited about this treatment that I talk to everyone about it!! Thank you, Dr. Friedman! This treatment has had results beyond my expectations. The staff has been extremely helpful and compassionate. This has been an extremely pleasant experience. I can't even think of anything else that anyone could have done to make this any more enjoyable."
Lee S.