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Hair Transplant Cost

New Lower Price for Hair Transplant Surgery

The Scottsdale Institute for Cosmetic Dermatology is proud to announce a new lower price for hair transplant patients that went into effect in 2012. Hair restoration surgery for patients from Arizona and all across the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii are now more affordable and accessible.

Our new hair transplant cost for patients has never been lower. We also offer out of town patients a travel allowance of up to $500 (in the form of free hair grafts). Please Call Patient Coordinator Gene Gaspar at 480.970.0300 to learn more.

Same High Quality Service at the New Affordable Price
With our new lower price, our patients will still receive the same high quality work they have always received from Dr. Friedman and his highly experienced medical staff. There are few hair transplant surgeons in the United States who have more than 26 years experience and are double board certified in both hair restoration and dermatology. He has performed well over 15,000 hair transplant procedures during his career with clientele that has included Royalty, movie stars, and CEO’s.

But even if you are an average man or woman who wants to reverse their hair loss and look years younger, you can still receive high quality, natural looking hair transplants for an affordable price.

Patients from all over the continental United States are finding out they can get the best looking hair transplants for a price that is more affordable and economical than it is with a hair transplant surgeon in their own hometown. True, there are other hair transplant clinics in the United States that offer low cost hair grafts, but none of them can match the experience, reputation, qualifications, and artistry that Dr. Shelly Friedman uses for each one of his patients.

If you choose the Scottsdale Institute for Cosmetic Dermatology for your next hair transplant, you will save $1,000s over having the procedure done with a local hair transplant surgeon that charges the higher national average rate of $5 to $6 per hair graft. With that kind of monumental savings on your hair transplant surgery, doesn’t it make sense to travel to Arizona for your procedure instead of paying a lot more with a less experienced doctor in your hometown?

$500 Travel Allowance Bonus

When a patient located anywhere in the United States chooses to take advantage of the Scottsdale Institute’s new special hair transplant price, we understand they are going to have factor in the cost of an airline ticket and hotel accommodations into the price of their procedure. It is our policy and belief that patients from all over the United States and world not have to carry the added travel expense burden that comes with choosing our clinic. That’s why we are willing to reimburse our patients up to $500 for their travel expenses which makes factoring in the cost of an airline ticket and hotel a non-issue. This travel reimbursement comes in the form of free hair grafts.

Special Note: We can also help assist you with making travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and shuttle and car service. See our Travel Page for more information.

Hair Transplant Financing
The Scottsdale Institute has partnered with CareCredit which is a plastic surgery financing company that offers a credit card which can be used to pay for your procedure.

No teaser rates. No introductory rates. No application fees. No pre-payment penalties. Just Special Financing every time*. Use your cash and major credit cards for other expenses and finance your procedure with CareCredit. The credit card just for healthcare.

To learn more about financing your hair transplant procedure and apply online, please visit the CareCredit Website.

* Contact our office for more information about eligibility for the special low price hair graft rate.