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Affordable Facial Hair Transplant Surgery with Dr. Shelly Friedman

Facial Hair Transplant

In the last few years, the popularity of beards has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, however, not all beards are the same and genetics can prevent some men from having that full beard look. To correct “face baldness,” more and more men have been seeking facial hair transplants with Dr. Shelly Friedman who is able to restore the full, natural appearance of your beard, mustache, and sideburns with follicular unit hair grafts.

Facial hair transplantation is performed on an outpatient basis. A strip of hair is removed from an inconspicuous donor area on the scalp. The doctor then uses a microscope to section the strip of hair into micrografts for transplantation containing just one or, occasionally, two hairs. By transplanting the hairs one by one, Dr. Friedman can place them with excellent precision, positioning them the way they would naturally grow. The results are full and natural-looking.

Following the procedure, you might experience some mild discomfort and occasionally, patients experience swelling that is quickly resolved. Over the next few months, the new hairs will fall out (this is completely normal) and then regrow from the transplanted hair follicle. As the transplanted hairs grow into their new position, they won’t fall out ever again. In time, you will need to trim and/or shave the new hairs as they will continue to grow.

Dr. Shelly Friedman of the Scottsdale Institute is one of the most experience hair transplant doctors in the country when it comes to beard hair transplantation. Contact his office today if you are interested in learning more about having facial hair transplantation.

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49 year-old male, 3,101 grafts for beard hair transplant.

25 year-old male, 3307 grafts transplanted into beard & mustache.

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