Advantages of ARTAS® System FUE Procedures

Although the demand for FUE hair restoration has steadily grown over the last decade, the technology that assisted doctors with this type of procedure has always been inferior and gave patients poor results.

“All of that changed when after many years of research and development, Restoration Robotics™ released their ARTAS® System.” Dr. Shelly Friedman said. “I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long-time and watching its development with my colleagues.”

According to Dr. Friedman, the ARTAS® system is light years ahead of the competition in the field of automated or robotic assisted hair transplants. In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

An image-guided robotic arm with multiple sensors feeds images of the donor area to sophisticated software which employs a complex algorithm that guides a 1mm punch to harvest hair grafts at precisely the right angle, depth, direction and spatial distance between grafts.

“This is all done with accuracy and speed that cannot be matched by humans or old technology,” Dr. Friedman said who oversees each procedure which is projected in 3D real time to a video monitor.

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ARTAS Robotic assisted hair transplantation offers unique advantages which include:

No linear incision scar from the donor area.
Digital mapping provides precise and consistent graft dissection, unavailable with manual techniques.
More donor hair is made available from areas where suturing a donor strip is not possible.
ARTAS® can harvest hair from patients who’ve had multiple procedures in the past.
More FUE grafts can be harvested & transplanted in less time.
Your donor area is undetectable with short hair or during swimming activities (as opposed to strip-harvesting of hair grafts).
Reduced recovery time and faster return to your normal activities that you enjoy.
Redundant safety devices built into the system that is unique to FUE procedures.


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