The ARTAS® Procedure

The ARTAS® Procedure by Dr. Shelly Friedman restores new hair to thinning and balding areas by transplanting permanent hair from the back or side of the head during an out-patient procedure that leaves behind no linear surgical scar.

Dr. Shelly Friedman performs follicular unit extraction by using the ARTAS® System to digitally scan areas of the donor scalp to identify hair in its natural groupings.

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Harvesting Follicular Units

a1The donor area of the scalp is trimmed so it can be digitized and “mapped out” by the ARTAS System which can accurately locate and harvest the hair in its natural groupings.




Selected follicular units are then precisely removed by using the system’s advanced image-guided robotics.


Your remaining hair is left in place so that the donor area retains a natural appearance without a linear scar that would appear after a donor strip-harvested procedure.


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Implanting Follicular Units

After your follicular units are harvested from your donor area, Dr. Friedman and his experienced medical team will then implant them in the areas discussed during your consultation, and again on the day of your procedure.


Follicular units harvested by ARTAS are no different than hair grafts collected from a donor strip, and Dr. Friedman’s high standards for achieving natural looking results is exactly the same.


After You Go Home

Following your procedure, ARTAS patients can often return to their normal activities, usually within a day or two.

In one to two weeks, both the donor and recipient areas should have a similar appearance as before the procedure.

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Caption: Dr. Friedman patient, two weeks after surgery.

Approximately six to twelve months after your procedure, most ARTAS FUE patients will begin to notice their new hair growing.

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“Excellent experience. Overall an excellent experience. Combining the expertise of Dr. Friedman with a very friendly and extremely helpful staff has resulted in a wonderful adventure in hair transplant. I was nervous going in and was made to feel very comfortable. Would highly recommend Dr. Friedman and the Scottsdale Institute for Cosmetic Dermatology.

— Dr. Neil Farber
Verified Patient