Follicular Unit Extraction with ARTAS®

ARTAS-60-Times-SecondFollicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a type of hair transplant procedure in which follicular unit hair grafts are removed, one-at-time, from the donor site to be transplanted in the areas you desire new hair coverage.

Traditional Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT) involves the removal of a donor strip with a scalpel blade, leaving behind a thin, but noticeable scar where the incision was made.

Follicular unit extraction leaves behind no linear scar and no one will ever know you’ve had hair restoration surgery.

Today, Dr. Shelly Friedman and other top doctors around the world are using a computer-controlled, robotic-guided system to provide hair transplant patients the most undetectable hair transplant procedure available, with more options and advantages than older methods.

Developed by Restoration Robotics,™ the ARTAS Robotic Procedure employs a High-Definition Stereoscopic Vision System, coupled with a complex algorithm, to recreate a precise, hair-by-hair digital map of your unique donor area in which each hair is analyzed and monitored sixty times per second.

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While scanning these microscopic images, the ARTAS system accurately locates and identifies follicular units of various sizes which can then be removed—one-at-a-time—with remarkable precision by image guided robotics. This hair is then transplanted into your desired areas, where it will grow naturally, and permanently, in its new location—just as it did before.

Unlike the donor-strip method, the ARTAS single-unit harvesting method is applied evenly, over a wide-area of your donor region, to allow your scalp to retain its natural appearance.

ARTAS technology is far superior to other automated assisted hair transplant devices and Dr. Friedman was the first hair transplant doctor in Arizona to incorporate this new technology into his practice. As such, he is more experienced with ARTAS than any other doctor in Arizona.

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