Watch these patient education videos, and video testimonials to see how ARTAS® can provide you with permanent, natural hair restoration that will last a life time without a noticeable linear surgical scar.


Overview Video of how the ARTAS® Robotic system works.

Animated Illustration of how the ARTAS System Harvests Hair Grafts,

Animated Illustration of how the ARTAS System Harvests hair grafts from another angle.


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Dr. Friedman performing FUE hair transplant surgery using the ARTAS robotic-assisted system, Run-Time = 1:35

Patient Experience Video, Run time 2:36


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5 Stars
“Much easier than I thought it would be. If you’ve got the budget, and any kind of hair loss, you should go for it. I had no clue what options were available until I saw what certain movie / sport Stars were doing. This clinic is right in the mix, treating both famous people and normal people. Everything was done extremely professionally. Highly recommended.”

Verified Patient