Patient’s Question:

I just turned 21 and I know I am young but I have been living with hair loss for years.  The hair on top of my head is so patchy that I never leave the house without a baseball cap.  Can I get transplant surgery now or do I have to wait until I am older?

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

Years ago we would have said that we would not transplant anyone until the age of 25 or older.  With using follicular unit grafts and staying very conservative placing the hairline pretty high as well as placing the grafts only over the frontal region, one does not have to wait until 25 years of age.

We do strongly recommend that somebody at that age who already is having hair loss consider going on Propecia, a medication that is taken as a once-daily pill. Propecia does not grow hair but it has been very successful in stopping hair loss. The less hair you lose, the less we have to replace in the future.

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