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Hair Transplant & Hair Restoration Blog, Dr. Shelly Friedman, DO, Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Friedman’s Opinion on Topical Finasteride

Patient’s Question: What is your opinion of Topical Finasteride? It seems to be quite effective from what I have read. Do you recommend it, and if so, how can I obtain it? Dr. Friedman’s Answer: Topical Finasteride is not FDA approved and therefore I do not prescribe it to my patients.  The problem with any…

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What is a Hair Transplant Reversal?

Patient’s Question: Hi Dr. Friedman, What is a hair transplant reversal? I saw that term recently but did not follow up on it, but, is that what I think it is? A reversal of a hair transplant? Under what circumstances would that happen? Dr. Friedman’s Answer: We can remove old transplanted 4mm “plugs” from the…

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Why do some hair loss doctors choose not to prescribe dutasteride for hair loss?

Patient’s Question: Hi Dr. Friedman, I was reading online about how DHT causes hair loss, and that Finasteride/Propecia can block DHT from causing hair loss. Reading further, I learned that finasteride only blocks one type of DHT, while Dutasteride/Avodart actually blocks both forms of DHT. My question is what is your opinion of using dutasteride…

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How long does it take for women to see noticeable, new hair growth results from laser therapy treatments?

  • Dr Shelly Friedman, DO
  • September 21, 2017
  • Hair Growth
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Patient’s Question: How long does it take to see results from laser therapy treatments?  Do they work for women?  I am a 53-year-old female.  Am I a candidate? Dr. Friedman’s Answer: Laser therapy is extremely successful in women who have miniaturized hairs still present on their scalp.  When hair dies it does not just fall…

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