Remember the telltale “doll’s head” look of hair transplants? Well, you can forget them. As Dr. Shelly Friedman explains in his new book, The Doctor’s Complete Guide to Hair Loss), his refinement of a relatively new technique, follicular unit transplant, results in a full, natural-looking head of hair—in just one session!

Using micro surgical blades, Dr. Friedman extracts hairs in their naturally occurring 1, 2, 3, and 4 hair follicular units from areas of the scalp that are programmed to resist balding. He then transplants them into tiny incisions in the balding areas measuring just .65 mm in circumference. (For comparison’s sake, older methods of hair transplantation required incisions of 2 to 4 centimeters.) By extracting and placing hairs they way they would naturally grow, in densities of 50 to 60 hairs in a square centimeter, Dr. Friedman achieves a look that’s completely believable. Finally, men and women suffering from hair loss are able to come into a doctor’s office and emerge with their hair and their self-esteem restored.

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