I have a scar by my right side-burn that occurred from a motorcycle accident. I’d like to get it fixed and I heard that a hair transplant can do this. Can you explain how this procedure would work? How normal or natural of an appearance can be expected?


It is a common misconception that hair cannot grow in scars. The fact is, hair can grow anywhere hair follicles can be transplanted. The hair maintains the color, texture, and longevity from the donor area where it was harvested. We can either harvest follicular unit grafts (containing 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs) from the back of the scalp or from other parts of the body, and then transplant them within the side-burn scar. We make certain the direction and angle of the transplanted hair matches the surrounding side-burn hair. The transplanted hair is totally natural and undetectable from the hair in the same area.

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