Patient’s Question:
I have a small scar embedded on my left eyebrow where the hair won’t grow.  Can hair be transplanted there so that it is covered?

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:
Yes, hair can be transplanted to scars on any part of the body. The reason hair is not growing in the scar is because scar tissue lacks hair follicles. However, if we take hair and roots from another part of the body, whether it’s from the scalp, legs, arms, back or chest, they can be transplanted. As long as these donor hairs have follicles (roots), we can transplant into the scar and the grafts will grow.

Scar tissue typically does not have good blood supply so it may take two surgeries to get good density, as we have to space the grafts out a little wider than we could in non-scarred areas. We want to make sure the circulation in the area is sufficient to keep the grafts growing. When the hairs grow, they will make the scar much less noticeable or in some cases, undetectable.

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