Patient’s Question:

Does the success of a hair transplant depend on the type of hair being transplanted?  I am an African-American female with thinning hair on the top of my head.

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

Transplanted hair will always grow. The success of the transplant depends on whether or not you have enough density over the donor area to harvest a sufficient number of viable grafts. The goal is to transplant enough grafts per square inch to give you that density and that camouflage. Thankfully, African-American hair is typically very wiry and curly and that gives you much more coverage than poker-straight hair.

The problem with hair transplanting for women is that we have to be certain that whatever is causing your hair to thin on top of your head isn’t going to cause thinning on the sides and back as well. We have to address the health of your hair, not just the scarcity of it. For this reason, I strongly advise women to also consider low-level laser therapy in hopes of preventing any additional hair loss.

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