Patient’s Question:

If I get a hair transplant now, how long will it take until my new hair is full and natural looking?

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:
Most of our patients notice that within 30 days their scalp is back to its pre-operative appearance, since most of the hairs within the grafts will fall out within the first six weeks.  There is absolutely no scarring in the recipient region where the grafts were placed; and therefore; the scalp in 30 days looks just like it did prior to surgery.

In regard to full and natural, the hairs within the grafts start to grow at 4 to 6 months but take a minimum of 9 months to a year to fully grow.  In most patients it can take as long as a year and a half for the hair to grow to a usable or a “combable” length.

When one is referring to the word “full” I tend to be a little nervous because we need to realize that we can never achieve the same density that you had prior to losing your hair.  Therefore, to use the word “full” is really not in the dictionary of a patient undergoing hair transplants.  The best we can achieve is approximately 50% of the density that you had prior to losing your hair.

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