Patient’s Question:

How soon after getting a hair transplant will I be able to return to work without anyone noticing that something has been done?

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

Usually, the only visible sign of hair transplant surgery is scabbing. Fortunately, we have a method of preventing post-operative scabbing by using an ointment four times a day for four days starting the day after the surgery. If you use our ointment, after four days the grafts have no scabbing. They may still be slightly pink but concealer, a cosmetic product, easily camouflages them. You can also wear a hat.

In many cases, depending on your skin tone, in five days you can barely see the grafts. Darker-skinned individuals may find that the pinkness fades more quickly than it does for lighter-skinned people and those with Celtic backgrounds. As long as there is no scabbing or crusting, it is very easy to camouflage.

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