Patient’s Question:

I am 35 and I have been losing hair for years. I want a hair transplant but if I get one now I know I will lose more hair in the future and have to come back. Should I just wait?

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

My recommendation is for an individual to come in when they still have a lot of their hair present so they can use that hair to camouflage the hair transplants. If you wait until you lose all of the hair, it is going to be pretty difficult to camouflage and make it undetectable to others.

Of course, because hair loss is a progressive and lifelong problem, your treatment plan will need to account for your future needs as well as your current ones. As you continue to lose hair, you will need to have additional hair transplant sessions to maintain your look. Although it might be disappointing to realize that you’ll future hair grafts, the silver lining is that your look is going to stay remarkably consistent. No one is likely to say, “Oh, you had a hair transplant!”

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