Patient’s Question:

I just turned 43 and I have been noticing thinning hair along the crown and top of my head.  Am I a hair transplant candidate?

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

Depending on how much hair loss you have at this time will dictate whether or not you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

If you have a significant amount of spaces and gaps between the existing hair, then we could transplant in between your existing hair.  If there are very small spaces and gaps between the hairs, we could cause some damage as well as shock to your existing hair.

Hair transplants work very well but if we are going in between existing hair, you need to realize that post-operatively you most likely will see post-operative “shock loss” to your existing hair.  Typically, any follicles that were destined to continue growing for at least another 12 months will re-grow following the shock; whereas follicles that were destined to stop growing within the next 12 months may not re-grow.  For this reason, we suggest that we examine a patient first to make certain that there are significant areas we can cover with transplants so we can reduce the post-operative shock. During your hair transplant consultation, we can also discuss ways you can prevent post-operative “shock loss.”

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Dr. Shelly Friedman, DO
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