Patient’s Question:

Over the years I have plucked my eyebrows to the point that they won’t grow back. Is there any way to permanently replace them?

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

Hair transplantation has been very successful in transplanting eyebrows and replacing the eyebrows you have plucked over the years.

The only caveat is that the transplanted eyebrow hair is going to grow much faster than your original eyebrow hair. Because the transplanted hairs are harvested from a tiny, inconspicuous spot on the back of the scalp, they’ll continue to grow like the hairs on your head. (In other words, they’ll grow at one-quarter inch to one-half inch a month.) You’ll need to trim your new eyebrow hair every week to keep it even with the native eyebrow hairs that grow far more slowly.

For somebody who does not have eyebrows, trimming their hair is a small price to pay to look and feel normal again. After your eyebrows are restored, we ask you to retire your tweezers. We don’t want you to be plucking out what we transplanted.

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Dr. Shelly Friedman, DO
Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon
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