Trichotillomania is a compulsive disorder by which hair on the head or face (eyebrows & eyelashes) is twisted and/or pulled by the person until it is damaged and breaks off leaving patches of uneven hair growth, thin areas of hair, or baldness.

Trichotillomania, or hair pulling disorder, is a health issue affecting 4
percent of the population, and is thought to be caused by
mental stress and emotional anguish. Pulling or
twisting hair is a coping mechanism for long-term anxiety and stress.

Women and children are much more likely to have this disease then men and symptoms usually appear before the age of 17. The NIH predicts that up to 4 percent of the American population might be affected by this disease. Although little is known about this disease, the cause is usually related to mental stress and anguish.

According to the National Institute of Health, these symptoms are usually seen in women and children:

  • Constant tugging, pulling, or twisting of hair
  • Increasing sense of tension is present before the hair pulling
  • Sense of relief, pleasure, or gratification is reported after the hair pulling
  • Hair pulling leads to an uneven appearance
  • Bare patches or diffuse loss of hair
  • Hair regrowth in the bare spots that feels like stubble
  • Some individuals may develop a bowel obstruction if they eat the hair they pull out
  • Other self-injury behaviors may be present
  • People suffering from this disorder often deny pulling out their hair.

Since the cause is related to the mind and stress, this disease is more effectively treated with anti-depressants than with direct hair growth solutions.

“Early detection remains the best form of prevention since it leads to early treatment. Decreasing stress in the environment might be beneficial, as stress may increase compulsive behavior.” – Medline Plus 

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A build-up of anxiety in our mind and body will always seek an outlet, and that outlet could be in the form of trich. To beat trich, you must conquer your anxiety.

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