No Scabbing after Hair Transplant Surgery

For many patients the thought of post-operative scabbing and crusts overlying the grafts for 2 to 4 weeks is enough to dissuade them from undergoing hair transplantation. Since the cosmetic visibility of scabbing is disconcerting to most patients, we tried to discover some product or technique that would prevent post-operative scabs from attaching to the grafts.

We tried numerous commercial products, including an extremely expensive copper peptide solution, yet nothing prevented scabs from forming and remaining for 7 to 10 days until a few years ago when we finally perfected the no-scab procedure. We can now state with certainty that if our post-operative instructions are followed explicitly, you will not experience any scabbing or crusting over the transplanted grafts. The normal pinkness or redness of the skin will also resolve much faster with our no-scab procedure.

The post-operative protocol is as follows:

Four times per day for four days, the patient applies an antibiotic ointment to the surface of the grafts. We have tried other combinations of frequency and duration but we have found that the four times/four days ointment protocol is the only one that truly prevents scabbing or crusting. The reason is based on how many days are medically required for re-epithelialization and skin healing.

Patients have been extremely pleased that in 4 days their scalp is free of scabbing and their grafts are slightly pink. At this point it is easy to camouflage any signs of the surgical procedure.

The International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) awarded Dr. Friedman with their Best Practical Tip Award at their 13th Annual Meeting in Sydney, Australia in 2005.

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Case Study #1
Scabbing Case Study
Post Wash

Scabbing Case Study
Post-Operative Day 6

Scabbing Case Study
Post-Operative 13

Case Study #2
Scabbing Case Study
Post-Operation Day 1
Scabbing Case Study
Post-Operation Day 5

Case Study #3
Scabbing Case Study
Post-Operation Day 1
Scabbing Case Study
Post-Operation Day 5
Scabbing Case Study
Post-Operation Day 14

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