Patient Testimonials

“My husband Michael had his first hair transplant with Dr. Friedman over 25 years ago and only recently needed another service by him.  Things have improved over time and it was very interesting and educational to have a robotic hair transplant procedure done this time. The staff members at his office are very accommodating and professional and the entire experience per Michael was positive and pain free.  They educated both of us very well on pre and post care and we would highly recommend Dr. Friedman and the staff if you are looking to enhance your appearance. Based on the research we have done, Dr. Friedman is nationally as well as internationally known and highly respected in his field.  If you are looking for one of the best doctors in the field, pay Dr. Friedman a visit…you will not be disappointed!”

— Bonnie


Dr. Friedman, Savannah, Amy, Carly & Team,

“Thank you for being such a friendly & helpful team throughout the process. I really appreciate all your hard work. Obviously you all are very good at what you do. It really makes a difference to all of us.

“I am very excited to see the progress of my hair growth after the surgery. In only one short year I will have a full set of hair like Brad Pitt! It is certainly something I am looking forward to – having hair is the coolest.

“Thank you all again. You deserve a celebration – another successful surgery. Party at Old Town! Go Team!”

  — Brett

“My experience at the Scottsdale Institute for Cosmetic Dermatology was extremely pleasant from the initial consultation through the actual procedure and follow-up care including laser treatments.  Dr. Friedman and his entire staff were very professional and patient-oriented throughout the process taking the time to thoroughly explain the procedure, evaluate my situation, answer my questions and listen to my desires.  I highly recommend Dr. Friedman and the SICD to anyone who wants the finest patient care and results. “

— Joe R.

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“As a former hair transplant patient of the Scottsdale Institute, I was considering another transplant in front and crown area of my scalp. Dr Friedman suggested that I try the laser treatment for six months. I began to have new hair growth after sixty days. My barber even commented your hair looks thicker and healthier. He suggested that I continue the laser treatments before undergoing a transplant procedure. Now after four months I can see a real improvement in the thickness of my hair. I urge those experiencing hair loss to try the laser treatment. The results are amazing.”

— David

“I can’t say enough about how courteous, helpful and professional Dr. Friedman and his staff have been — before, during and after the procedure. But the *best* thing about working with him is the results!!!

“Before I felt 10 years older than I was and always had to have my hair cut very short to minimize where there wasn’t hair. Afterwards, my biggest challenge has been figuring out how I want to have my hair ‘styled’. In fact the new person I have cutting my hair was at first perplexed that I didn’t know what I wanted done as she didn’t even notice that I had had a procedure done.

“To top it off, recently my son found an older picture of me and commented that he forgot how ‘bald his dad was’ and ‘how cool I looked now’ – wow, that sure made me feel great. Needless to say those are not the only positive comments I get these days. And for all this, I have Dr. Friedman and his wonderful staff to thank.”

— Pat W.

“Dr. Friedman’s skill and attention to detail resulted in a natural appearance and undetectable procedure. The outcome has become everything expected.”

— Charles

“My first visit to Dr. Friedman’s office was 1/20/10 and this visit superseded any expectation that I had about my visit and what would be accomplished. The total experience was memorable from the call to make my appointment; the receptionist was friendly and helpful and asked me for pertinent information like what my insurance member number was so we can get this process underway. When called to ask how early I should show up before my appointment to fill out new patient info, she offered to email it to me. Bravo! I received the paperwork and was able to fill it out at the comfort of my desk versus a clipboard on my lap. This allowed me to have all the information they required ready for them when I walked in the door. The ladies at the desk where friendly, well informed and were able to answer the questions I had to my complete satisfaction. The lobby waiting area was beautifully decorated with a beverage bar and water readily available. There was information available about the services that are available and a good selection of reading material.

“My appointment was right on schedule. First I met with an assistant, I didn’t get her name so I will call her Sunshine, and she sat down with my in the exam room and asks some questions and answered any questions I had. Then entered Dr. Friedman. First and foremost I appreciated him making eye contact with me and being present in the moment and not just asking questions about my while scanning my paperwork. His answers allowed me to make informed decision about what course of treatment I wanted to do. Both he and the assistant knew I was cost conscious and explained what would and wouldn’t be covered and they knew the cost of the given procedure. Dr. Friedman addressed each of the items I was concerned about and provided me with adequate information.

“It is my belief that the Dr. Friedman and staff truly enjoy what they do and are very focused on not only getting you to achieve what you want but not pushing for more than you need or want. At the end of my visit Sunshine explained to me about the information she provided me with and prescription. The receptionist, who I will refer to as Sunshine 2, got my next appointment set up for me, gave me my appointment card and this is the WOW part.; I needed to pay for my visit and only had a large bill and no cards. Instead of making it MY problem to get change, she told me, ‘Don’t worry, there is a bank downstairs I will run down there and break it.’ I can’t remember the last time a business has offered that level of service. She didn’t do what was easy she did what was right. Bravo to you, Dr. Friedman and staff. Thank you for providing outstanding service. I look forward to my follow-up in a month!”

— Nikole

“Thank you Dr. Friedman for giving me the opportunity to enjoy my life again. Your expert methods, and your caring staff offered the best in medical hair transplant, with literally no pain, at all! Because of your excellent work, people can’t even guess my age now. I can swim, lift weights, work, play, and have fun again, without anyone staring at my forehead. And my personal life has never been better either! It feels good to look years younger, and be able to be part of life, instead of just looking at it from the outside. Your work has changed my life, and I can never repay you enough!”

— Bob H.

“Dr. Friedman,
I would just like to say that my experience with Dr. Friedman and his staff was excellent. Feeling that the final results may be detectable & unrealistic, I was very concerned about having a procedure like hair transplants done. After speaking with a local news broadcaster that Dr. Friedman had worked on and meeting with the doctor & his staff, I felt much more comfortable.

“I feel great and my hair looks better than it did since I was 25 years old. I don’t want to say that Dr. Friedman is a miracle worker. But I would say that my life has changed quite a bit!

“Thank you Dr. Friedman and your lovely staff.”

— Jeff C.

“I’ve been coming now for 6 months, twice a week, three times if possible, and using the brush at home on off days. The results have been amazing. Even my boyfriend has commented on how much fuller my hair looks. My hair loss is very extreme for a woman. I’ve resorted to wearing wigs. I am ready to get a cute hair cut and leave the wigs in the closet!!! I am so excited about this treatment that I talk to everyone about it!! Thank you, Dr. Friedman! This treatment has had results beyond my expectations. The staff has been extremely helpful and compassionate. This has been an extremely pleasant experience. I can’t even think of anything else that anyone could have done to make this any more enjoyable.”

— Lee S.

“Dear Dr. Friedman,
In August of 2007, both you and my dermatologist told me about scientific studies that had demonstrated the effectiveness of laser treatments for hair loss. Reluctantly and with great skepticism I began laser treatments at Scottsdale Institute for Cosmetic Dermatology in October 2007.

“It is now six months since I have had laser hair treatments and my hair is healthier than its been in several years and I experienced excellent results within the first three months. My hair is fuller and shinier and the areas on my scalp that decidedly looked thin are filled in. Photographs also reveal this to be true.

“I know that I am one of your first patients to try this therapy and I highly recommend that other women and men give it consideration if they are struggling with hair loss. As you know, my hair loss caused me great anxiety and loss of self-esteem and I am happy to report that these psychological symptoms have disappeared.

“I am thankful to you and your staff for your encouragement and professionalism and would be happy to talk to any prospective patient who is considering laser hair therapy.”

— Ellen

“I wanted to touch base with you to let you know how impressed I was with Dr. Friedman and his staff last week when I had my hair transplant surgery. I didn’t realize how complex and demanding the procedure was and how much artistry goes into, not only the design of the new hairline, but in placing the sites for the donor grafts. In addition, I can’t even imagine how much skill is involved in placing the tiny follicle units in the donor sites. The bottom line is that I am so glad I decided to fly out to Phoenix to have the procedure done with someone who has over 25 years of experience in doing this. I can’t even imagine what the results would have been had I gone to someone with only a few years or less of experience. I was also impressed with the amount of time Dr. Friedman spent to explain the procedure, and what to expect in terms of results. Finally, everyone on the staff was great. I didn’t realize there would be as many staff as there were involved in my surgery.  It was money well spent!”

— — Bryan F.


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