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Hair Loss

Why do some hair loss doctors choose not to prescribe dutasteride for hair loss?

Patient’s Question: Hi Dr. Friedman, I was reading online about how DHT causes hair loss, and that Finasteride/Propecia can block DHT from causing hair loss. Reading further, I learned that finasteride only blocks one type of DHT, while Dutasteride/Avodart actually blocks both forms of DHT. My question is what is your opinion of using dutasteride…

Can I take Propecia and Rogaine at the same time?

  • Dr Shelly Friedman, DO
  • September 19, 2017
  • Hair Growth
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Patient’s Question: I found out on-line that you should wait about eight months to one year when taking Propecia before starting to take minoxidil.  I have been using minoxidil for years already.  What should I do?  Can I still start taking Propecia? Dr. Friedman’s Answer: I personally would start Propecia and minoxidil at the same…

Does Saw Palmetto or Chili Powder Stop Hair Loss?

Patient’s Question: I’ve been searching the internet for the latest info on hair restoration medicine that regrows lost hair, or at least stops hair loss, and I come across things like people using Saw Palmetto as DHT-blocker, or using chili powder on their scalp to promote blood flow. Does that stuff really work? Dr. Friedman’s…

What is the best treatment to stop thinning hair loss?

Patient’s Question: I’m in my early 60s and tried hair loss medications years ago with no real results. My hair just keeps getting thinner and I’d like to know if there are any truly effective treatments that stop thinning. Doctor Friedman’s Answer: Prior to the 1990s, there were a number of non-FDA approved topical products…

What tests exist for female hair loss?

Question: I’m a 33 year-old woman and I’ve recently been experiencing thinning all over my scalp. What tests should I have run to try to determine what’s causing the thinning and who would do this, my regular doctor, a dermatologist, a hair specialist? Answer: Since generalized scalp hair thinning can represent not only Female Pattern…