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Dr. Friedman’s Opinion on Topical Finasteride

Patient’s Question: What is your opinion of Topical Finasteride? It seems to be quite effective from what I have read. Do you recommend it, and if so, how can I obtain it? Dr. Friedman’s Answer: Topical Finasteride is not FDA approved and therefore I do not prescribe it to my patients.  The problem with any…

What is the difference between old hair plugs and follicular unit extraction?

Patient’s Question: My brother-in-law had his hair transplant done 20 years ago and I don’t really like the results.  Can you please explain how traditional hair transplants differ from the FUE method hair transplants. Dr. Friedman’s Answer: Twenty years ago many doctors were still doing plugs using a 4 mm punch graft, whereas FUE or…

Why did Rogaine stop working for me?

Patient’s Question: I have been using over-the-counter Rogaine for over five years now and recently I started to notice that it has stopped working as well as it used to work.  Why should this be happening? Dr. Friedman’s Answer: No one really knows why Rogaine works and no one really knows why Rogaine stops working. …

Can I take Propecia and Rogaine at the same time?

  • Dr Shelly Friedman, DO
  • September 19, 2017
  • Hair Growth
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Patient’s Question: I found out on-line that you should wait about eight months to one year when taking Propecia before starting to take minoxidil.  I have been using minoxidil for years already.  What should I do?  Can I still start taking Propecia? Dr. Friedman’s Answer: I personally would start Propecia and minoxidil at the same…

If I get hair transplanted into my mustache area, will it grow differently than the surrounding hairs?

Patient’s Question: If I get hair transplanted into my mustache area, will it grow differently than the surrounding hairs? Dr. Friedman’s Answer: Since we are transplanting hair from another part of the body to the mustache, it definitely is going to grow differently than your native beard hair. Typically, when we transplant hairs into the…

Can hair transplant surgery give me sideburns?

Patient’s Question: The hair on the sides of my face won’t grow so I have no sideburns. Can hair transplant surgery give me sideburns? Dr. Friedman’s Answer: Sideburns have been very successfully transplanted with donor hair from either the scalp or from other parts of the body. We can transplant hair from the scalp and…