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Natural Hair Loss Cures

Do Hair Vitamins Make Hair Grow Faster?

  • Dr Shelly Friedman, DO
  • August 21, 2017
  • Hair Growth
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Patient’s Question: Hi Again Dr. Friedman, I wrote to you a few weeks ago about natural hair loss cures, and thank you for answering my question. In that email, I forgot to ask you about vitamins for hair growth. There was a time a when my wife and her friends were taking these Biotin hair…

Does Saw Palmetto or Chili Powder Stop Hair Loss?

Patient’s Question: I’ve been searching the internet for the latest info on hair restoration medicine that regrows lost hair, or at least stops hair loss, and I come across things like people using Saw Palmetto as DHT-blocker, or using chili powder on their scalp to promote blood flow. Does that stuff really work? Dr. Friedman’s…