Patient’s Question:

What are the side effects of laser therapy for women over the age of 37?  Will it take many treatments for me to see a change in my hair thickness and volume?

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

There is virtually no side effects to low-level laser therapy if performed properly.  We feel that laser therapy requires a minimum of 30 to 60 days to see a decrease in hair loss and a minimum of 6 months to a year to notice any change in hair volume or thickness of the hair.

Most women expect to see a difference right away, within 30 days, and they are going to be disappointed.  My feeling is that if you have counted your hairs in your brush every day and you notice that you are losing greater than 100 to 150 hairs a day, the first thing you will notice in the first month of using laser at an every other day regimen is that your hair loss is not as voluminous.  You will first start noticing you are not losing as many hairs per day.

In regard to the change in texture and volume, that easily takes 6 months to a year to see a marked improvement.  In our office we use an instrument called a hair check that actually can check the volume in density of the hair.

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