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What is the best solution for scalp itch after hair transplant?

Patient’s Question:

Hello Dr. Friedman,

I had a hair transplant with Scottsdale Institute 8 days ago and my scalp is itching in the area where you implanted the new hair grafts. It’s driving me nuts a little bit as it’s always hard not to scratch an itch. How long will this last, what can I do to relieve the itchiness and when can I lightly scratch this area again?

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

Itching is a natural sign of healing, yet a bothersome problem when you cannot scratch to relieve the itch.  We have found an over the counter topical lotion called Sarna Lotion for Sensitive Skin to be extremely successful in relieving the skin itchiness.  The good thing about Sarna is the fact that it is not a steroid and therefore can be used frequently without side effects.


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