Patient’s Question:

My brother-in-law had his hair transplant done 20 years ago and I don’t really like the results.  Can you please explain how traditional hair transplants differ from the FUE method hair transplants.

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

Twenty years ago many doctors were still doing plugs using a 4 mm punch graft, whereas FUE or follicular unit extraction today utilizes a 1 mm in diameter punch.  The old 4 mm punch contained 15 to 25 hairs, whereas the 1 mm punch for FUE contain 1 follicular unit that typically could be a 1, 2, 3 and very rarely a 4-hair graft.

The difference between the plug method of utilizing big punches was the fact that the grafts were spaced widely apart, giving a doll’s hair appearance; whereas, with the current FUE method we place the grafts very, very close together so we don’t get the dolls hair or the unnaturalness.

With the FUE method, and even the improved method of FUG (strip-harvesting), today’s hair transplant patients can benefit from a natural looking hair transplant that is undetectable. No one will ever know you had a hair transplant and I’m certain that your brother-in-law will be quite jealous!

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