Patient’s Question:

Hello Dr. Friedman,

I am going to have hair transplant surgery at your clinic in December and I thought of a question I forgot to ask you when we spoke during my hair transplant consultation. After I get my surgery done, I was wondering if minoxidil will help my new hair grow in faster and if I can use it afterwards? Will it help move things along faster, so to speak? I want my new hair yesterday so I am curious to know if this will speed it up. Also, I know the new grafts will form crusts and fall out and everything, and I probably have to wait until that happens to start using it, but if it does help new grafts, when can I start using it? And, sorry, one more question. In the scenario I have described, would it be better to use Rogaine foam or generic brand minoxidil liquid. I like the foam better and it seems to have greater results according to the mfg website.

Thanks for your time! See you in December.

Dr. Friedman’s Answer:

We suggest Rogaine or Minoxidil Foam over the liquid since the foam penetrates the scalp better and is more cosmetically pleasing since it is not oily as seen with the liquid.  We suggest applying Rogaine Foam twice daily starting 5-7 days after surgery in hopes of reducing post-operative “shock” to the existing hairs over the donor and recipient regions.  We only request using Rogaine for the first 6 weeks following surgery since this is the most vulnerable period of time for shock and fall out of hair.  After 6 weeks, the individual can decide if they want to continue to apply Rogaine.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please call us at 480.500.7443 or send us an EMAIL if you have any further questions.

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