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In Arizona, the name Dr. Shelly Friedman is synonymous with hair restoration. With 29 years of experience treating more Dr-Shelly-Friedmanthan 16,000 patients—including celebrities, royalty, politicians, CEO’s and folks just like you—he has been called one of the top ten hair transplant doctors in the country.

Twenty-first century technology has changed our lives and it has also changed the field of hair restoration. These advancements have enabled Dr. Friedman to offer HIS patients a wider-range of hair loss treatment options. Hair transplant patients can now choose between the tried-and-true traditional strip-harvested follicular unit hair grafts, or they can opt for computer-controlled, robotic-assisted follicular unit extraction (FUE) with the ARTAS System from Restoration Robotics. This impressive new equipment offers many advantages including no linear scar graft harvesting as well as the ability to harvest more hair grafts than ever before.

Whatever choice you make, you can feel comfortable knowing you made the right decision by choosing one of the most experienced, and best-rated hair transplant doctors in the country.

The evolution in hair restoration technology is not limited to just surgical advancements. Depending on your type of hair loss, you may not even need surgery. In addition to topical and oral prescription treatments, which have been around for decades, the Scottsdale Institute offers FDA Cleared Low-Level Laser Therapy for proven hair loss prevention, as well as new hair growth in many of our LLLT patients.


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We packed this website with information but we also understand you will want to see our amazing results for yourself. That is why Dr. Friedman has assembled one of the largest hair restoration before and after photo galleries in the country.

Whether you are a man or woman, hair restoration is a life-long investment in how you look. Don’t take chances by choosing the wrong doctor with less experience. Contact us today to learn how one of the best hair transplant doctors in the country can craft a hair restoration plan that can offer you results that are natural looking and undetectable for an affordable price.