Beard Hair Transplantation

Facial hair transplantation replaces hair on areas of the face that are either missing hair or are very sparse in density.   It is common to see individuals who are unable to grow a complete goatee or mustache. For many individuals, it is impossible to grow a full beard without looking “patchy”.

For some men, they never had enough facial hair due to genetics, whereas others lost facial hair due to trauma or surgery. It is common to see facial hypotrichosis (lack of facial hair) in Asian and Hispanic men.

Whether the patient wants to thicken the sideburns, cheeks, goatee, or mustache, hair restoration surgery can achieve a very acceptable cosmetic result.

Some men want thin coverage while others want a full or thick appearance. Depending on the surface area requiring coverage and the density of thickness requested, will dictate the number of grafts transplanted.

Whether FUT or FUE is utilized for harvesting, hair from the back and sides of the scalp are transplanted to the desired facial areas. As with transplanting the scalp, the donor grafts will continue to grow for the rest of the patient’s life. Once transplanted, the hair may initially grow with the same texture from the harvested donor region, but in time the hair may trans-form to match the characteristics of the recipient region.

The transplanted beard hair can be trimmed or shaved and will regrow whenever the individual wants a change in his appearance and grow a beard or have a “Bradley Cooper-like several day beard growth.”

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Typically, the transplanted grafts contain one hair follicular units, but on occasion with very fine donor hair, two hair grafts may be utilized. Precise placement in direction and angling of the grafts results in a natural, undetectable facial hair transplant.

NOTICE: Please be aware that the average cost of a beard transplant is between $6,000 and $15,000.



Beard Hair Transplant Before & After Photo Gallery

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49 year-old male, 3,101 grafts for beard hair transplant.

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25 year-old male, 3307 grafts transplanted into beard & mustache.

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Young male, beard hair transplant.

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Before & After Photos of patient with burn scars with dense facial hair following two beard hair transplant procedures.


Facial Hair Transplant Patient Reviews

“Perfect Experience!”
My experience at Dr. Friedman’s office was amazing! From the consultation, I was very well informed on my options and what to expect. The procedure went just as planned and I felt comfortable the entire time. Every member of the staff I came in contact with was well qualified, and took great care of me through the whole process. I am going to recommend this office to anyone seeking hair services.

Edward N. 03/22/2019

– – – – –

“Exceeds all expectations!”
I live in Hawaii and researched many doctors nationwide and was fortunate to find Dr. Friedman in Scottsdale, Arizona. From the very first phone call, through the consultation, through the procedure itself (FUT beard transplant), and even now in the post operation treatment the staff has been amazing! Dr. Friedman and his esteemed associates are informative, accommodating, and truly are professionals. I could not be more satisfied with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Friedman!

D. P. 04/08/2019

– – – – –

“Great experience!”
My experience with Shelly Friedman was a positive one. I appreciate him trusting me with what kind of procedure I wanted to do. The staff was also very great!

J. S. 04/08/2019

– – – – –

“Fast and minimal pain. Staff made me fell comfortable.”
J. H. – 05/30/2019


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